Asian Curious interesting facts about handicaps.


The term Asian Handicap is very confusing. In fact, it is mostly associated with a medical affliction!

How bookmakers arrive at the handicaps value for each game? Answer: By taking into account the same factors as for odds setting: performance in the preceding matches, home & away form analysis, suspensions, injuries, league table standings, recent history of the clashes between the two teams, news regarding internal affairs, current form of individual players and a few more aspects.

There are many newbie punters who are put off by the term Asian Handicaps as they think it is very complicated. On the contrary, AH betting is very straightforward and learn-able as it is based on logic.

In Asian Handicap betting system, it is possible that you win your bet even in the case that the team you bet on loses the game! It is also possible that you lose your bet even when the team you bet on wins the game!