Asian Football Asian handicaps betting. Advantages, tips, picks, advice and good Asian handicaps websites.


  • Many sports betting experts share the opinion that skillful Asian handicaps betting allows punters to make 'more serious' money than the traditional fixed odds.
  • With only two outcomes possible, Asian Handicaps are more exciting and profitable than the traditional Win/Draw/Win. The odds for each outcome approximate 2.00.
  • In the Asian Handicap system, a tie is also possible, but even then, instead of losing the bet, the punter receives stake cash back.
  • With Asian Handicap betting makes virtually any market can be very appealing – even such presumably one-sided match as FC Barcelona vs. Murcia. Knowledgeable expert punters can enjoy countless opportunities to lay their hands on lots of money.
  • Flexibility is another key word to describe Asian Handicaps. In double handicaps system the stake is divided into halves – you lose only half of your stake, if the other half is correct.


  • Whether Asian handicaps or fixed odds, well-informed betting comprises of the following components:

    1. On team level.
    a) home and away form analysis b) defensive (including goalkeeper) / midfield / attack form analysis (as a whole) c) league table standings, e.g. motivation to play (higher in the case of teams in both ends of a league table, promotion and relegation zones) d) recent history of the clashes between the two teams e) new quality players transfers f) termination of contracts with key players

    2. On level of individual players.
    a) last performances b) cards and suspensions c) injuries d) involvement in international matches (friendlies, qualifiers, tournaments) e) last performances f) personal affairs (family problems, marital problems, general health problems) g) acclimatization (in case of new players)

    3. On club level.
    a) new manager b) change of ownership c) change of president d) change of stadium, or temporary relocation as in the case of stadium's modernization e) when football club floats its shares on the stock market f) financial problems inside the club g) other internal affairs

    4. Other factors.
    a) weather (e.g. heavy rain or gloomy weather often means goal-less draws) b) spectators (e.g. when no spectators are allowed to see the match the home team morale are low) c) other factors

    To sum up Asian handicap betting might not be that easy as it seems. Online bookmakers use special computer systems to make sure that the chances of winning for each side are as close to 50/50 as possible.

    For that reason, you must be sure that the favoured team will overcome a handicap, or that the underdog's goal advantage will be enough to make it the winning side in the AHap bet.

    When you lack confidence in you betting skills, you can consider using one of the services presented below. Good luck!