Asian Information about Asian Handicaps, football betting popular all over the world.


Asian Handicaps (originally Hang Cheng) were designed to even up football matches.

Thus, in practice, the team which is considered an underdog by the bookmaker is given a positive handicap in the form of a quarter, half, three-quarters, single or more goals.

From another perspective, it can be said that the favourite team is given a negative handicap (also in the form of goals). The greater is the difference between the two opposing teams, the bigger is the handicap.

It is an ideal situation for the bookmaker when the handicaps are compiled in such a way that the chances of each team winning the match are close to 50/50 – it is important to remember that usually because of the fractions of goals the draw outcome is eliminated.

For many inexperienced punters, therefore, Asian Handicap betting may be a bit of a gamble. At the same time, however, the odds for both outcomes approach 1/1(fractional) 2.0 (decimal) which means big payouts.

Although Asian Handicaps were designed with football in mind, they are now applied to other sports including basketball or Australian Rules footbal or rugby.


In the Far East, where the Asian Handicaps originated, it is already the most prevalent form of soccer betting. It dominates in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Similarly to live betting, AH betting is riding wave of popularity all over the world, especially in Europe, and within Europe especially in the UK.

It is believed that the reason why Hang Cheng betting was invented by Asians was that they didn't seem to like the draw result in football from the outset. The same adverse reaction is shared by Americans who also believe that a tie is somehow incomplete and that any sporting event should have a winner and a loser. In fact, ties are very rare in the four major leagues in North America. US sports-oriented bookmakers offer spread betting on their major sports, and 'spreads' are basically based on the same concept as Asian Handicaps. Unfortunately, however, soccer Asian Handicaps themselves are not very popular on North American marketplace.

As the number of online bookmakers offering Asian Handicaps betting is constantly on the rise, the increasing competitiveness in this area pushes those sports betting providers to improve and diversify their AH market offer. The competition includes not only the Asian Handicaps odds value, but also the atrractiveness and appeal of the betting site itself (or the separate Asian Handicaps section) as well as the simplicity of finding and placing AH bets. Some bookmakers come up with bonuses and promotions specifically created for Asian Handicaps market.

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